--locked to flist--

What happens is not on me.

We're such a good and happy family.

Arkham is mine.

Such a happy, happy family.

Oughtn't we to go meet the strangers, so we can show them the way to the Emerald City? I'm sure that little girl will feel shy in this beautiful land, and I know if 'twas me I'd like somebody to give me a welcome.

--locked to John--


I have no idea if you will even see this. I hope that you will.

I do not intend for this to be a permanent seperation, I do not intend to keep your children from you. However, we do not always have control over our intentions, so I suppose we will have to see. There are things that need to be happening right now, and I am fairly positive that you would disagree with me on this. I am hoping it is of some relief to you that Sam remained behind. Sophia and Pepik are likely with your sister, unless Sam has retrieved them.

The others are with Elizabeth and myself. I am not keeping Elizabeth here against her will. You may assure her husband of this, if you like.

Donna is not here with me. To my knowledge, I had nothing to do with that. We have had words since her leaving, and they were not pleasant.

I do love you. You may, of course, not believe that at the moment. This does not make that untrue. I swear that much to you. I can promise you that.

If not for what has happened the past few months, I am certain that I would've brought you with us as well.

I'll be in touch.



Doctor Wilson has performed satisfactorily, and will continue to run Arkham Asylum for the considerable duration. As I understand it, he would like to set up some sort of board of directors, and he will be in charge of this as well.

The book has been finished, and has been sent to someone who can deal with that sort of thing. I don't actually expect that it will be published. It's honestly not that well written.

Myself, my children and a few others will likely be incommunicado in our own universe for the near future. That does not mean we are unreachable. Only slightly more difficult to get ahold of.

There is work that needs doing.

There are things I cannot be here for.

There are people who clearly need shaking up.

That is all.