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touch of madness.

and something else.

Dr James Liddell
14 March
ONE James Liddell teaches children's literature at Cuyamaca College in San Diego, but he is currently on sabbatical due to an exciting opportunity involving travel. When he is not traveling, he shares a home in San Diego with his girlfriend and children.

He has a fairly unremarkable life, does Doctor Liddell.

Fairly unremarkable.
TWO He has never even heard of Gotham City.

He has never heard of Jonathan Crane orJudah Stark.
THREE my head does no thinking no screaming no moving my arms
my mind is a blank and there is no despair there is no
professor marvel
there is no
FOUR "I'll tell you what to do," said he. "Build a big bonfire and burn the Scarecrow up, and that will be the end of him."